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April 24, 2007


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See the following for Native (or Native-like) comments on Imus:


These comments may not add much depth to the debate, but at least they show it from another perspective.


I think to a degree the race problem will always be looked at mainly through a Black/White prism.Because of American history.Jason Whitlock was actually trying to avoid blaming Imus for what Imus said,what's the point in that? I think it's human nature that the groups directly involved in any incident are going to feel it more. Most of the talk shows invited New Yorkers after 911 and Louisianans after Katrina.Sharpton can't be blamed for putting the spotlight on issues.There are thousands of hate crimes committed in the USA every year and the truth is,even now most of them are against African Americans. Google hate groups and there are still plenty in existence,should we ignore that?


Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are terrorists? Aren't you stretching things here? When did they kill anybody? And when has an Asian been called a nappy headed ho on national television by a cadaver looking white man? Until that happens, I have no problem with Oprah only inviting African-Americans to speak at her town meeting.

I think you also have to appreciate that Oprah and other people within the African-American community have long complained about some of the imagery and language used in hip-hop. The controversy is im many regards a uniquely "black" one which makes her choice in panelists proper and understandable in my opinion. Besides you, I didn't hear any other Asians, Hispanics, or Whites screaming to get on Oprah's show.

I agree though, that it is wrong to scapegoat the hip hop community and rappers for Imus' personal actions and words. Imus does not need black peoples' permission to treat African-American women with respect and dignity. It reallly irks me when people say "well black people say stuff like that so why can't Imus." When people use this argument they are essentially shifting blame to the victims instead of appreciating the wrongness of Imus' actions. Imus is reponsible for his own conduct and words. He's too long in the tooth to allow hip-hop to have such an influencing effect on his conduct. Some black people do unfortunately denigrate each other, but many don't. Remember the "Black is beautiful" mantra. Why didn't Imus say that when he was watching that basketball game? Why was he so quick to latch on to the negative aspects of black culture? Could it be that he is an inherent racist? I think so!!


Jason Whitlock is the new "black" devils advocate. He is on his way to getting himself a radio show. I think there is an opening.

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