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April 18, 2007


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wowww... the black people as scary neighbors thing doesn't suprise me because americans are conditioned to be scared of black people, but Chinese people sleeping standing up? I've never heard that one before haha
Unfortunately, If it were me, I would probably have hid my discomfort with nervous laughter and changed the subject, or maybe tried to tactfully state that you can't make sweeping generalizations about groups of people like that. But you, Jen? I don't know...maybe you conducted a race workshop right then and there?


I think you should have launched into a quick diatribe on the history of racism in America, and told him how racist he in fact was. Next you mention that you yourself actually mixed Black AND Chinsese, jump from the taxi at the next stop, and slap a "Racist! Minorities Beware!" sticker on his windshield on your way out.

question: where in the world did the "chinese people sleep standing up" thing come from? I've never even heard of that before.

Jen Chau Fontán

corbin, i know...the Chinese people sleeping while standing is pretty strange...(yea, i didn't go into black people as scary, because unfortunately, we are all aware of this -- as you said -- situation of folks being conditioned to think that.

i will fill you in on the standing-sleeping Chinese people (deep breath) when i do my 2nd post on this. :)

and...your guess as to what i did.... you know me too well. ;)


Jen Chau Fontán

tomi - thanks for your comment. damn. i should take you with me on all future cab rides! ;)


Wait... Chinese people don't sleep while standing up?


funny- i've found that chinese people make weird neighbors, and i know i've seen at least a couple black people sleep in all kinds of crazy positions on the F train.

this one time, a cabbie tried to convert me to christianity. by the end of the ride i somehow convinced him that jesus was cool and all, but god never existed. he fel bashful and i felt ashamed of myself.

anyway, great post, big sister! i roffled on my screen.

Carmen Van Kerckhove

LOL! That's a new one for me. Guess we'll add that to the list of True Things About Chinese People, which includes:
1. Chinese people eat dogs.
2. Chinese women have sideways vaginas.

Jen Chau Fontán

nice cvk. we can always count on you to round everything out and bring the real-ness. :) if you didn't know, now you know.


my neighbor in 514 better watch out, I just moved in. I bet I scare him/her when I yell at my cats.
I had a couple of bad cabbie moments in the past few months. One guy explained to me why he wouldn't take a black man w/ a tool belt home. Another hack (a Ghanaian) told me what's wrong w/ black americans, women in particular. This man had on a lime green outfit mind you...


Recipe for a Stereotype

Prepration time: minimal
Serves: millions

(1) Take a single data point, no matter how bizarre: http://www.japantoday.com/jp/picture/1219

(2) Extrapolate vigorously with 4-6 sweeping generalizations. (Incorporate pre-packaged "conventional wisdom" stereotypes as necessary.)

(3) Allow mixture to coagulate; serve to anyone within earshot.

Carmen Van Kerckhove

Well JC, you know I'm all about elevating the dialogue to a higher level. :)


Jen to Cab Driver: "Aww men, I knew I should have paid more attention to this month's memo on the things Chinese People need to do to keep ahead."

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