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April 30, 2007


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I'm so proud of the way you handled that cabbie. MUCH better than I probably would have. I love the way you engaged him and brought him into the fold of fighting the good fight. I hope he follows through on his word... it could have dramatic impact.. if he tells one person, and that person tells one person and so on.....

This is why I think it's IMPERATIVE to spend time educating the ignorant. Some people are racist because they are ignorant and they need someone to enlighten them as to the fact that they are making a dumb (and racist) comment. Many people think it's "ok" and "not racist" to make remarks like "Black people are scary", simply because they don't know any Black people. I know that many of us who are fighting the good fight feel like, "I'm tired. I'm sick of educating these dumb a** racists about their behavior. If I have to explain why I wash my hair once a week to someone again, or justify why I actually don't like watermelon, I'm going to explode." But here is EXACTLY why we must be tireless with our fight. EDUCATION MATTERS. It's not a thankless job. The rewards (if we continue to conduct experiments like this one) are plentiful.


Woooh! Go Jen!! haha
I definitely need to start following your example--I am usually the type to just let things slide because I feel like I wont have any effect on the way people think--but maybe thats because i've been a bit confrontational when addressing ignorant comments in the past.
It was definitley important that you weren't pointing fingers but engaging the guy in dialogue...something i need to work on haha
I'll let you know how it works next time something like that happens to me!
peace out!!

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