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November 27, 2007


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H from class

In the words of the little boy from Pet Cemetary after getting killed a second time: "No fair... no fair." :)

Jen Chau Fontán

H! :)

Lemme know if you want to have a study session before the final. Happy to help if you think it will be useful!

How's the election going??

Ron Bauer


Three words...math is life. It really is!!!

In a brief moment of seriousness, you are totally modeling the New Leaders SC....showing tremendous SACOL, PR, and RO. I could describe on a descriptor level, but lest i let all of my nerdiness out in one burst (but you gotta admit...how is Rap so damn smart?????).

Are you putting in an app for Februrary 28th? ;)

-Ron Bauer

jen bhagia

I'm starting to wonder if we're maybe the same person or not... lol. I went through a similar tribulation with Statistics last semester and ended with the same epiphanies. Math truly is enlightening! Thanks for you=)

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