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January 14, 2008


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Michelle Cheuk

This was so beautiful. I agree, and I do believe that Katie will grow up in a very different and more accepting world than we had. At my wedding, my brother commented at how many of our friends were in mixed-race marriages. I hadn't even realized! Also, I related to your post b/c I grew up triculturally and trilingually (Chinese, English, and Spanish), although I am mono-racial. I have two moms and a dad, and the mom I'm closest to is Chilean. So I really related to what you said about what I look on the outside doesn't match what I feel on the inside! Thanks for the beautiful post. Sometimes it's just nice to feel less alone. I owe you a reply to your e-mail. I'll probably get to it tomorrow. :)

Jen Chau Fontán


thanks so much for your comment. i think you are right -- katie's world will be much different than the one in which we grew up. i'm glad that my words helped you to feel less alone. :)

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