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February 18, 2008


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I couldn't agree with you more! I would also add that change does not have to mean to become a different person, (or believe different things even!) but merely to grow and expand yourself and your understanding of yourself and your relation/purpose in the world..


How would you like to change into an UN HUMAN RIGHTS ADVOCATE?

You may have the organisational skills which i lack to lead with the OHCHR

Come contact us and see if you cant get an invite to discuss racism in UN in NY



I've heard, experienced, and made a point of remembering that fear makes one's world smaller. Your description of change sounds like it makes one's world bigger. Expanding our perception of what is possible and reigniting dormant imaginations.


Good thoughts Jen. I especially enjoyed this line:

"If I was going to push for social justice, if I was going to call to question the things I thought unfair, I would have to be someone who embraced change in herself as well."

So true.

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