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June 01, 2008


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I can totally understand why that was such a huge gift for you. I also aspire to be able to make differences like that.

I heard about your presentation and read about it on a new friend's blog (http://www.alizahausman.net/2008/05/reflections-on-jcc-talk-on-jews-of.html). I am one of those who heard your story seven years ago, although I didn't make it to the conference in time, so you told it to me in person. I still remember that time when we just sat looking at each other, happy to see another face that looked just looked like ourselves and identified unquestionably as a Jew.

We've lost touch for many reasons, but it would be nice to reconnect especially since now I am back in New York.

And don't fret--the Jewish world is changing a lot. I can introduce you to numerous Jews of Color and we are only proudly growing in number. :)

Jen Chau Fontán

great to hear from you -- it's amazing how we come in and out of each other's lives, isn't it?

i would definitely love to re-connect, especially since there is a growing number of us as you say -- i am meeting quite a few people interested in activism around this as well, so i think a get together is warranted. :)

Aliza Hausman

I'd still like you to speak at my shul, a shul which has a growing number of Jews of Color in its midst. I'm away in Los Angeles for the summer but as soon as I get back, I have to figure out who arranges for speakers and such. I loved all the speakers but you were the one that made the most notable impression on my heart with your story. I think about what someone said to me when I was a high school teacher: You have no idea how what you teach today will affect your student tomorrow. You're seeing just a snapshot of their lives. You may never get to see how or when your investments have paid off but know that you are making a difference.

Rabbi Heather Miller

Glad to hear you're still sharing your story, making a difference in people's lives and are still inspired. I'm grateful that you shared your story with me on the bus from the senate retreat back to wellesley and made a difference in this rabbi's perception so long ago, too. Thank you.

Corinne Lightweaver

As always, I am inspired by your words, actions, and leadership, Jen. Learning about your journey is one of the reasons I founded JewV'Nation online magazine "for Jews of color and our allies" that is launching next year. In the meantime, I'm already publishing JewV'Nation articles at my website garretandstudio.wordpress.com. I hope you'll have a look. JewV'Nation is a Jews-of-color-centric magazine.

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