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August 25, 2009


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jen's brother

I won the spelling bee twice despite my shameful mop. maybe it's because I possessed the power to love all end guys.


This is the second time that your words come just in time to help me put words to an inner conflict of mine. Right now I'm trying to find ways to be kinder to myself when my perfectionism overwhelms me and distracts me from my original efforts. I'm also struggling with figuring out how do I make opportunities to discuss how cultural relevance in our curriculum is sometimes lacking in our atttempts to find "the best" resources or easy-to-use resources. Thanks for snapping me out of my walking-on-eggshells attitude on this subject. I'm thinking sometimes it's ok for me to let the bronx girl in me come out in the professional world when it comes to improving student lives and my community. I would really love to grab dinner with you sometime to get your advice on how as a staff developer I can help be a facilitator for conversations about cultural relevance in practices in our school. I'd like the conversations to "go there"... I just want to help make it a regular practice to discuss diversity. Ideas? Dinner?

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