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October 16, 2009


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J Alabi

For me, it was not so much that I was shocked that this was happening in the United States of 2009, it was that I was ANNOYED that was happening.

Teresita Hurtado

I was shocked that Bardwell was so OPEN about his biases and discrimitory actions! There are many "undercover racist" in our institutions that make it difficult for us to call their actions "racist" without a privileged person calling us “sensitive” but this guy just bluntly said, "Here I am, a racist, that occasionally lets my "black friends" use my restroom! I am not shocked that racism still exists in the U.S. because it see it every day. Everyday someone asks me to shorten my name, Teresita, into my “American name” as if because my name is in Spanish I’m not American. Have you heard of the “illegal alien” Halloween custom that they are selling this year to poke fun of undocumented immigrants? Seriously, the nerve of businesses and the people that support racist views!


Honestly, I'm not suprised or shocked. Since Obama has been in office, seems to me we have more blatant acts of racism on display.

This man needs to be removed from his position.

As a mother who is mutli-racial who has children that are also mixed race, I'm just disgusted. My children are young and I suspect they will have challenges with their identity but no more so than a child of full race. The difference is they have the complexity of race due to A-holes like this guy. God willing my guidance they will grow up into strong men with a good sense of self and their race(s) will only be a footnote to their accomplishments.

Latinegra Mas Bella 2009


There is no doubt that this angers me. I don't believe that anyone should be able to keep two people (or more if it's consensual) from marrying. That being said, I also would like to hear a conversation that goes beyond just refuting these claims and actually takes a look at where these claims are coming from. I wonder if the man who made these claims actually has witnessed (and even participated) in the mistreatment of multiracial children and if there is not some semblance of genuine concern in his reasoning. I know people of color who are against interracial dating BECAUSE they have witnessed or experienced the hardships that those couples go through, and thus they cannot condone it in others. I think we need to talk about the realities of hardships and those hardships that we imagine or fabricate to keep us entrenched in our racism.


Hi-haven't checked your site for a while,glad to see that the 'wheels' are still turning! My initial reaction to the ruling by "hizzoner" was to think: what an idiot! Is this even newsworthy? -"Racism Discovered Among(fill in your groups personal foil here)" Really? And then-I read the NYT online today(11/09)and saw the article on Pittsburgh Steeler football star Hines Ward-a biracial adult who spoke of his efforts to be supportive of children from similar backgrounds in South Korea. Suicide and depression are some
'options' that such youth are presented with. And where do you stand if the decision to raise a bi-racial family required living in a society as unique as South Korea? I'm sure Mr. Ward would suggest that the more light that can be shed on this issue-regardless of location-the better. I concur-hope you enjoy the article(perhaps inspiration for another column?) It looks like there will always be an abundance of idiocy to "shed light on". Which this column does so well,day by day.

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