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November 30, 2009


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Jenny Mae

hey jen! saw this blog post and got to wondering about MICS and whether it was still around...it seems doubtful as the website and facebook group haven't been updated since I was there! major bummer. BUT, in amazing news, the other day a parent emailed me the link to Love Isn't Enough (Carmen's blog) and said I should check it out. when I clicked on the link, I found out that it that was one of the new demographic blogs! small world! glad the work you and carmen have done is still reaching people!


fusion died??? oh no!!!!! our baby, jen!!!


Things have changed a bit and Obama being in the White House does help. I wonder, do you still keep in contact with people from your Fusion group? My college never had a group for Mixed people so the Swirl Inc. events were my only option. I have some great memories from there!

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