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June 06, 2011


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I would love to talk to you! I have some thoughts about inter-faith stuff. Remind me to discuss. And say, 'hi' to Mr. Tea for me.

Alison Chang

Hi Jen,
Stumbled on your blog through facebook (long story, but we went to Wellesley at the same time). Anyway, I don't know if you've heard of the Mavin Foundation-- it immediately sprung to mind when I read about Swirl-- it was founded by a friend from high school.

Good luck with your new venture!


Wow! Congrats! (:

By the way have you thought about working out of a "co-working" space a few times a week/month? Not some place where you get a desk, but it's about community and independent people/workers sharing a space to help feel like you're not "alone".

One of my favorites is New Work City down in tribeca. http://nwc.co it's geared towards mostly tech, but there are other people as well that are working in the non-profit arena.


Jen Chau Fontán

V - can't wait to discuss! Mr. Tea misses you, as does Charlie.

Alison - Hi! Thanks for reading, Wellesley sister! You went to school with Matt Kelley? Yes - he and I definitely knew each other and worked together in the early years when he was starting the Mavin Mag and I was starting Swirl. It's a small world. Thanks for mentioning!

Tobin - Nice to hear from you! Funny - I have been thinking about that. I may do that at some point. Thanks for the great lead. Looks like a perfect place!

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